Services & Amenities

On-Site Spa:

The drive back from a spa or masseuse can undo much of your relaxation. With a spa attached to The Windsor Asheville, you don’t have to worry about traveling anywhere; all you’ll have to do post-service is lounge in bed for some wine or perhaps a movie!

Massage Therapy is a great help in quieting the mind, improving concentration and bringing about a general sense of well-being. It is also a terrific physical benefit. By stimulating the body's own healing processes, massage therapy relaxes the nervous system and reduces tension in tight muscles, and increases blood and lymph circulation. 


C & Co:
They offer the highest quality of skincare that is ideal for all skin types using plant-based raw organic ingredients. Their products, offered in retail and utilized in the treatment room, are free of all petrochemicals, detergents, fillers, GMOs, and synthetic preservatives. 

C & Co Spa Service Menu:


A 90 minute experience that includes double cleansing, lymphatic massage, gentle exfoliation, balanced hydration and hand & arm massage leading to immediate improvements in tone, texture and suppleness of skin. Their therapists will guide you through our multi-point custom skin consultation ensuring that your experience will be unique and tailored to your needs and skin concerns. When it is time to emerge, you will find that their plant-based + non-toxic facials leave your skin glowing, supple and balanced, not blemished and in need of downtime. 


A 90 minute experience includes nourishing double exfoliation + cleansing, tranquil scalp, back + leg massage and balanced hydration leading to noticeable changes in texture & hydration level of skin. Formulated from and rooted in their approach to facials, you will find that their back treatments are a new necessary level of self-care. We often neglect this part of the body and find that plant-based fruit acids paired with gentle physical exfoliation restores skin's natural cellular turnover.


A 90 minute experience that includes whole body massage, aromatherapy, balanced hydration, increased circulation, reduced fascial tension + face, scalp and foot massage. 100% focused on your individual needs and tailored to provide a unique experience. Complimentary 30 minute decompression time after each experience. 


45-minute treatment includes organic herbal soak, plant-based chemical & physical exfoliation, foot massage & balanced hydration.

For more information, please go to C & Co Webpage, or give them a call at 828-575-9144.

Benjamin Walls Gallery:

Benjamin Walls is an environmentalist, acclaimed photographer, and conscientious entrepreneur. Walls artwork has received seven international awards and has been displayed in dozens of museums, including five exhibits at the Smithsonian. Located on the ground floor of the Windsor, this is a relaxing place to decompress while enjoying the wine and chocolate truffle bar

Restaurant Delivery:

It can be fun to get dressed up and go out, but some meals are simply meant for unwinding. Have a delicious spread from a choice restaurant delivered straight to your suite. Asheville has several options for those wanting to stay in, including Takeout CentralUber Eats, and GrubHub.

YMCA Health & Fitness Passes:

For many, a reinvigorating vacation includes exercise and body care. The local YMCA offers passes to a sparkling clean workout facility! Daily Passes available for $15.00 per family. Learn more at the Asheville YMCA website.

Calendar of Events:

There is always something exciting to do in Asheville! Check out all the upcoming events at

Biltmore Estate Tickets:

Available for sale: Prices vary throughout the year, but we always offer a better deal than the gate price! Please check with the front desk for more details. Click here for more info about the Biltmore Estate.

Art Gallery Tour on Property:

Add an artistic flair to your stay by enjoying our diverse and eclectic art collection, representing a rotating local artist. An artful “creation” is found around every corner, one you can add to your own collection.