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Girls Day In: Relaxing at the Windsor

June 22nd, 2016

A boutique hotel suite isn't just for sleeping. When the world is going crazy outside, grab your best friend and stay in for a day of self-care, rest, and relaxation.

Here are several ways to turn any of the Windsor suites into your personal spa for the day:

Start the morning feeling light and refreshed.

After waking up among luxury bedding and comfy pillows, get started the right way with a cup of hot water with lemon. This hydrates and wakes up your system. Use the suite kitchen to whip up a light breakfast of toast, protein, and fruit.

Enjoy coffee and conversation.

Brew coffee with your fave friend or grab a latte from one of the nearby coffee shops to go. Back in your suite, you can grab some pillows from the couch or chairs and spread out in the living room to lounge around. When was the last time you put your phone on silent and talked face to face without interruption?  It's time to reconnect.

Travel in your mind.

Forget the digital screens for the day. Instead, try an audiobook or indulge yourself in a stack of your favorite magazines. Inspire your brain to think and work differently by absorbing information in a format you don't usually use.

Order in.

Time to order in lunch! With dozens of organic, farm-to-table options to choose from in the Asheville metro area, you can have a light lunch delivered. Opt for nourishing greens, juices, sandwiches or soups. 

Pamper your skin.

Our two-step facial recommendations include a gentle herbal steam or cleansing mask, followed by deep hydration using a moisturizer. Grab a suite kitchen pot, fill with water 3/4 full, and bring the water to just boiling and remove from heat. Add gentle, skin-soothing herbs such as chamomile, calendula and lavender (you can buy these from the French Broad Food Co-Op down the street, or bring your own). Place the pot on a towel or trivet, sit in front of it and place your head 6 inches over the pot and cover your head with a towel to capture the steam. Breathe deeply and slowly. Go at your pace, gently turning your face from side to side at a height that's comfortable for you over the herbal steam. Finish within 5 minutes.

Or try a clay or gel facial mask to help draw out impurities. Apply, leave on for 2-3 minutes, then rinse gently with warm water and pat dry. Try cucumber slices or wrapped ice packs on the eyes to reduce puffiness.

Soothe sore muscles.

We offer in-room massage therapy. Simply call down to the desk and we will schedule it for you in advance. Our massage therapists offer regular, hot stone, and specialized therapeutic techniques, as well as add-on options such as reflexology.

After your massage, wrap yourself in one of our warm, fluffy robes and rest easy. Drink plenty of water to support your blood flow and circulation.

Enjoy a little bubbly.

For the ultimate relaxation, break out the bottle of champagne for you and your bestie. Toast to the best events that happened recently. What accomplishments have you achieved individually and together? In a world of disconnection, there are few things more valuable and worth celebrating than friendship.

Pair your bubbly with a light snack, such as fruits, cheeses and a baguette.

Start a slumber party.

Time to wind down and hop into bed in your favorite PJs. Split the pillows and turn on one of your favorite movies, the one that always makes the two of you laugh or cry. Enjoy the end of your spa day by doing a pedicure side by side as the credits roll.

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