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Paint Nights in Asheville

August 20th, 2015

Painting is a great activity for both cold and warm weather alike. Whether you’ve got an entire stash of acrylics at home or have zero experience with a paintbrush, have no fear. These awesome Asheville painting joints offer a great way for seasoned artists or more left-brained individuals to learn how to paint with no added pressure and also have a great time!

Upgrade from coloring books
Paint & Mingle in West Asheville offers class for children and adults alike. An experienced teacher will lead the group of pending artists in a step by step tutorial of how to recreate their favorite painting with a personal flair. Paint & Mingle offers classes at any location you choose, or from the comfort of their own studio. For a modest $31, adults get to create and take home their very own masterpiece and have a great time with friends. The kids get to tackle something a little more size-friendly with an 11×14 inch canvas, for only $25. This excellent paint studio has a BYOB policy for the guys 21 and up, so you may even be able to convince your most stubborn friend to give painting a try.

Something about painting makes it pair nicely with a bottle of wine. Relax in the evening with your best friends at Wine and Design. All you have to do is supply the booze, and they’ll supply the rest, right down to the corkscrew! In just two hours you’ll be going home with a completed work of art, even if you’ve never painted before. This is a great place to conquer your fear of art projects because you’ll be in great company and have something on tap to ease your nerves.

Painting with a Twist allows visitors to preview the painting of the evening way before paint night. It’s perfect for the picky types. However, it can be tricky narrowing down all the painting options! You may end up going there multiple times during the week. You’ll be able to choose from abstract designs to detailed scenes…whatever tickles your fancy. In addition to the wine and beer, bring along some snacks in case you get the munchies.

Venture out of the studio
Prefer to paint at your favorite brewery? Your living room? The park? The Paint Bug is a traveling painting class program that hops around Asheville. They offer classes at places like Moe’s Original Bar B Que, Asheville Brewery Co, Burntshirt Vineyards, East Village Grille, and so on. So all you’ve got to do is show up at one of your favorite Ashevillian places and get ready to paint!